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Collapsible Three nominated | posted Feb 19 2007

Vote for Collapsible Three in this years Turtle Boy Music Awards

WoMag article on Steve | posted May 25 2006

Songwriter Steve Mossberg off to study

By Chet Williamson

When talking about Worcester with singer/songwriter/pianist Steve Mossberg, he says the big town is the place where he learned to play. “It’s been a friendly and cozy environment where I’ve been allowed to make mistakes. People are supportive here. It’s nurtured the kind of player that I am.”

Originally from Washington, D.C., Mossberg came to town in 1997 to study at Clark. While there, he played in a variety of on-campus and local groups, most notably with The Arthur Dent Foundation. He recently found out that he has been accepted into the Boston Conservatory grad school program. “I won’t be living here, but it doesn’t mean that I’m not going to play here,” he says. “I enjoy Worcester and I’m sure I’ll continue to play in town as long as it is fun to do that.”

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WoMag Interviews Steve | posted Apr 06 2006

Collapsible Three  
Winner of the Funk/Soul category 

A local “super group” of sorts, for lack of a less corny term, Collapsible Three is composed of Steve Mossberg on the organ, Duncan Arsenault on drums and Craig Rawding on vocals/percussive oddities. Known for their flights of experimentation and improvisation, they’re not your crushed-velvet-sporting uncle’s funk band. 

Five with Steve Mossberg:
Along with all of your original material, you guys cover stuff from Kiss to The Super Mario Brothers’ theme song. Plus, you sample 1950s-era sex education records. Why are you so weird?  

We also cover hits like “Easy Lover” by Phil Collins and Phillip Bailey and sample Phil Collins interview clips. We play funny songs and use weird samples to crack each other up and have a good time. Our mission statement has always been to be fun and free and do whatever we think is cool.  

The “new look” for 2006: Fat or fatter?

Fatter. We’re offering a super-size option on future Collapsible Three shows.

You got that sizzurp?

We prefer amaretto on the rocks.  

Fair enough.

Describe the best concert you’ve ever been to.

I was at a Rush concert once where they had a giant CG dragon light the whole stage on fire. That was pretty awesome.  

If you were a crow, what would be something you loved about Worcester?

The wide selection of delicious and competitively priced hot dog stands. From Coney Island to Hot Dog Annie’s, I would snatch up a myriad of tasty crumbs in my beak.

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Collapsible Three

Turtle Boy Music Awards | posted Mar 09 2006

Collapsible Three has one first place in the category of "Best Funk/Soul" group in the Worcester Magazine Turtle Boy Music Awards. Thank you Worcester Magazine and everyone that voted for C3. We have been asked to play the awards party at Tammany Hall. We will have details on that soon.
link to the award results

Land Battle | posted Jan 10 2006

There is a new song called "Land Battle" and "Have Fun Storming the Castle" available in the music section. These are from the last night of Collapsible Three's Tammany Hall residency on December 26, 2005.


Land Battle (live at Tammany Hall 12/26/05)
Have Fun Storming the Castle (live at Tammany Hall 12/26/05)

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